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Optimal Internet Research Service is best known as a performance based SEO consultancy, but we're so much more than that.

First off, let me explain what a performance based SEO consultancy is and how we work. Out clients tell us which prime keywords, secondary keywords, and/or keyword phrases would best suit their online marketing needs. We then analyses the keyword selection to determine competition, and develop a strategy for earning the client a high SERP (search engine result page).

Each keyword is approached as a unique campaign, with the goal of earning it a first, at worst second page SERP. A cost per keyword is agreed upon based on the SERP placement OIRS earns. Amounts vary based on weither in 8 weeks our clients' link appears in search results that are on the first page above the fold, the first page below the fold, the second page above the fold, or the second page below the fold. There is no financial reward asked of our clients for any SERP beyond the second page. This is because any placement in search results beyond the second page have such a low click through ratio as to be virtually worthless.

If the quote made for our SEO services is accepted by the client an agreement is entered into for payment to be made ONLY WHEN the SERP placement is earned. It usually takes no longer than 8 weeksto earn the desired SERP, often less depending on keyword competition. However, we cut off campaigns at 8 weeks because that is a reasonably amount of time to accomplish our task and because a deadline is necessary.

So, knowing what a performance based SEO consultant is, and that there actually are companies offering to "put their money where their mouth is", are you going to pay upfront and hope you one day get your money's worth? But besides SEO, Optimal Internet Research Service is much more. Please review a list of some of our services...

We're constantly being asked the same questions about our SEO service, so we'll answer them here...

QUESTION: Which search engines does OIRS focus on?

ANSWER: We actually focus 99% of our effort to earn a placement high in the search results of just two, well actually three, search engines. Our main focus, almost all of it, is directed towards Google because it represents over 80% of all searches globally. Our secondary focus is on the now merged Bing and Yahoo. However, within the 1% of our remaining effort we make sure that other search engines at least include our clients' websites in their data bases. These are search engines such as; Ask, AOL Search, blekko, Lycos, Dogpile, Info, and Excite.

QUESTION: Why does OIRS work on a performance basis for SEO services?

ANSWER: Two reasons. Firstly, we're that good, so we can afford to do so. Secondly, there are so many SEO scammers in the market we want potential clients to have no doubt that we're not among their ranks.




Optimal Internet Research Service

We offer a wide range of services relating to social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), analysis of web marketing strategies, back linking, optimization of existing websites, consultations, brand reputation protection, etc.



Optimal Internet Research Service offers a wide range of social media marketing services. One of our services is the development and managing of marketing strategies for clients Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts.